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The best photo management apps for families

In this post, we review family photo management apps. These are apps that help manage family photos, store kids’ artwork, create family photo albums, and share photos or artwork with other friends and family.

There are a handful of apps that are targeting families with school-aged kids. And then there’s a plethora of apps that target families with babies or young kids. They focus on tracking pregnancies, baby milestones, and other young childhood moments.

Most of these apps are free to download, but many of them also require a Premium subscription fee to utilize additional features.

Apps reviewed include:

  • Keepy Organize and save kids’ artwork and schoolwork. Invite friends and family to be your kids’ “fan” and have access to their memories.
  • Air Cloud storage solution designed for parents to capture every moment with their kids. Videos are private by default but easy to share with friends and family.
  • Tinybeans Capture and enjoy your child’s life story. Share photos with family, keep memories organized in one safe space, and print beautiful photo books, prints, and more.
  • 23snaps Save all of your special family moments in a beautiful online journal. This free family photo album allows parents to collect photos, videos and stories of their child’s precious moments, and privately share them with family and close friends.
  • Notabli Share and save the best moments of childhood, and optionally print them automatically in beautiful photo books.
  • Moment Garden Privately share, organize and relive those special moments as your child grows up with closest family and friends.
  • Lifecake Share photos and videos to create a simple and organized record of their kids’ childhood. Order print gifts directly from the app.
  • Tweekaboo Timeline your pregnancy, baby and family moments and share them privately with friends and family.
  • HelloBaby Create a virtual baby album or scrapbook with photos, videos and stickers.
  • Precious Automatically track your baby milestones and see your baby’s development. Organize them into monthly pictures, a time lapse, and calendar journal with artificial intelligence.


Keepy homepage

Keepy is an app that allows parents to organize, save, and privately share their kids’ memories through artwork, schoolwork, photos, awards, and more.

Keepy was founded in January 2013 and is based in Palo Alto, California. It attracted more than 50,000 parents and family members to the platform a little more than a month after the product launched, and reached 500,000 users after one year. The app is free to download on all devices, although a Premium subscription is offered. The app is available on iOS, Android and Web. The app is rated 4.7 stars on iOS (with 829 reviews), and 4.2 stars on Android (with 2,517 reviews).

Overview of functionality:

  • Save photos and artwork: Parents can have an organized and private “feed” and calendar of photos and artwork as their kids grow older. Photos are viewed and organized by age and category tags (ex: 1st grade, Easter, Graduation, etc)
  • Record memories: Parents can record themselves or their child to share the story behind each photo to enhance the memory. Parents can add voice or video recording directly through the app.
  • Share with family and friends: Parents can invite family and loved ones to be their kids’ “fan” so they can access their memories on their device. Their “fans” can also comment with a video, voice, or text comment.
  • Easily accessible: All memories can be viewed and printed from everyone’s own, private Keely app or website. Loved ones who are your kids’ “fan” can also view saved memories through email without registering for the app.
  • Printing Store: Families can buy from the Keepy Store to buy merchandise to save childhood photos and artwork including photo books, printed canvases, and more.
  • Freemium Pricing: The Keepy app is free to download and to use for up to 7 memories a month. They offer a free 7-day trial. The Keepy Unlimited subscription allows access to all the features that the free version does but for an unlimited number of memories. It is available with a monthly or annual subscription, for $5.49/month or $29.99/year.

What’s unique about Keepy:

  • Organized view of photos: Friends and family can use the app and view everyone in the family’s work through a yearly calendar. They can also select a specific child and see their photos organized by age. Parents can upload photos and specify the child’s age and add a tag to it (ex: achievement, outdoors, sports, shown below)

Figure 1: Choose between viewing everyone’s photos or a specific child’s



Figure 2: Viewing everyone’s work organizes it with a yearly calendar



Figure 3: Viewing a specific child’s work organizes it by age and category


  • Family sharing: Parents can invite others to become “fans” or their kids; the app defaults grandparents, aunts & uncles, family, and friends as possible “fans” to invite. They can invite them through contacts or email. After a friend or family member accepts the invite, they can admire a photo or artwork by commenting a voice, video, or text comment. This comment will then be visible to other “fans” of the kids. Parents also have the option of making photos private and not visible to “fans” to control what others can see.

Figure 1: Add other friends or family to be “fans” of your kids


Figure 2: Allow “fans” to view and comment through video, voice, and text


Figure 3: See comments that “fans” write on photos or artwork


air homepage

Air is an app that is a family camcorder and cloud storage solution for families. Parents can capture their family life by just pressing record and not worrying about storage, bandwidth, and time limits.

Air was founded in January 2017 and is based in Brooklyn, New York. The app is free to download on iOS, although a subscription is required to use the features. There are currently 700 iOS reviews with a 5.0 star rating average.

Overview of functionality:

  • Record unlimited video: With one tap, you’re “on Air” and can record unlimited video to a private Clips gallery which is securely synced and accessible on any device.
  • Bookmark your favorite Clips: After you’ve captured or imported Clips, bookmark your favorites to easily access them later.
  • Create Collaborative Reels: Stitch Clips together to form Reels – living videos made up of multiple Clips. Create private Reels without inviting collaborators or invite friends and family to contribute their Clips to a Collaborative Reel.
  • Advanced video technology: Adaptive streaming balances based on the quality of the internet connection so there’s no need to wait for a video to load.
  • Share with friends and family: Clips and Reels are instantly and easily shareable around the web. Create a link and anyone with a link can watch the videos, even if they don’t have the Air app.
  • Subscription pricing: While the first 30 minutes are free, a subscription is required to continue recording. The pricing is $4.99/month or $49.99/year.

What’s unique about Air:

  • Collaborative Reels: This allows you to combine Clips together to form a Reel. Create private Reels without inviting collaborators or invite friends and family to contribute their Clips to a Collaborative Reel. If you upload old clips from your camera roll or bring in videos from hard drives, VHS tapes, or DVDs, those can be stored in Air too.

Figure 1: Record Clips or import them to your Clip Gallery. Bookmark your favorite Clips


Figure 2: After creating or adding a Clip, create a shared link, add it to a Reel, bookmark it, or delete it



Figure 3: After creating a collaborative or private Reel, watch it continuously and see who contributed that Clip


tinybeans homepage

Tinybeans is an app that allows parents to capture and enjoy their child’s life story through baby albums, photo books, and the ability to share memories with family and friends.

Tinybeans was founded in March 2012 and is based in Sydney, Australia. The app is free to download on all devices, although a Premium subscription is offered. The app is available on iOS, Android and Web. There are currently 27K+ iOS reviews with a 4.9 star rating average, and 2.2K+ Android reviews with a 4.2 star rating average.

Overview of functionality:

  • Save photos and memories: Parents can have an organized calendar of uploaded photos and memories. After you upload a photo, add a personal touch with stickers, text, and filters.
  • Share with family and friends: Parents can share treasured moments with friends and family, even if they aren’t registered Each day, Tinybeans will send added followers an email of added memories for that day. They can turn it off or change the frequency. From the email, they can directly react with emojis, comments or loves, which the parent will be notified about.
  • Create photo books: Using the web version, parents can create a canvas-covered album of their favorite memories.
  • Flashback: See how your kids looked on the same date a year ago to bring back baby memories and milestones.
  • Cards: Get daily cards for parenting tips, reminders, suggestions, articles, and other helpful notes from Tinybeans.
  • Milestone Tracker: Track your child’s growth and development through age appropriate developmental milestones.
  • Premium Pricing/Features: The Tinybeans Premium subscription is available for $8/month, $50/year ($4.17/month), or $250 lifetime payment. The Premium offers longer videos (30 second limit becomes 5 minute limit), easily backuped moments, no app or website ads, search to find special memories, hidden moments to share privately, priority customer support, photo collections/slideshows, and exclusive printing and special offers. They also offer one month free if you refer a friend.

What’s unique about Tinybeans:

  • Cards: These provide a one-stop shop for everything Tinybeans. They send a bunch of new Cards every day, including specialized ones when enough moments are added.

Figure 1: Examples of different types of Cards, including a parenting tip, reminder to keep a child’s measurements up to date, and birthday present tips



Figure 2: Tinybeans sends daily Cards For You, including “Moment Suggestions”


  • Milestones: Track a child’s growth and development through age appropriate developmental milestones. The different milestone categories are Cognition, Communication, Fine Motor, Gross Motor, Social, Special Firsts, and Reading. Most of the categories have specialized milestones for 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months, 9-12 months, 12-18 months, 2-3 years, 3-4 years, 4-5 years, and 5-6 years. Some milestones also offer tips on how to achieve that milestone. When a milestone is checked off, it allows you to add a moment for that milestone.

Figure 1: “Cognition” category of milestones with a description of the category and specialized milestones for each age range



Figure 2: “Special Firsts” category with a description of the category and different firsts to check off



Figure 3: Some notes on the purpose of the milestone and tips on how to achieve it, as well as the option to add a moment when checking it off.


23snaps homepage

23snaps is an app that allows parents to collect photos, videos and stories of special family moments in a digital journal. This family photo album can then be privately shared with close friends and family.

23snaps was founded in June 2012 and is based in London, England. In November 2013, 23snaps announced that the service had passed half a million users in 179 countries. The app is free to download on all devices, although a Premium subscription is also offered. The app is available on iOS, Android, Windows, and Web. There are currently 2.4K+ iOS reviews with a 4.8 star rating average and 1.4K+ Google Play Android reviews with a 4.2 star rating average.

Overview of functionality:

  • Save photos, videos, and stories: Uploaded these to one central space and choose who it’s visible to and who to tag. Add filters, frame, and vignettes if needed before uploading.
  • Create status updates: Upload new statuses or height and weight measurements for your children.
  • Invite family and friends: Add a partner to also post on your children’s timeline with you, or invite other friends and family to see your updates and view their updates as well. Even if they don’t have a smartphone, they can receive your updates online or by email. Family and friends can leave smiles, hearts, and comments.
  • Create collections: Arrange your photos, videos and updates easily by creating specific Collections and adding to them.
  • Various feed organizations: Organize your family’s feed through a timeline, gallery, or calendar view.
  • Order books and prints: Order photo books or prints of your favorite Collections straight from the app or website.
  • Time Machine: Be reminded of some of your family’s best moments with a randomly generated selection of old and new photos uploaded to 23snaps.
  • Premium Pricing: The Family Premium Subscription is available for $3.99/month. The first month is free with the ability to cancel anytime. The Family Premium Subscription offers High Quality HD videos, extended time of up to 3 minutes per video, 20% discount on all orders, and priority customer support.

What’s unique about 23snaps:

  • Time Machine: The 23snaps Time Machine allows you to discover photos and videos from the past and enjoy content you may have forgotten. With one simple shake of your phone, you can see a selection of past photos and videos generated on the screen. To see a new selection, simply shake again. Tap on an image to see the comments and likes that it originally received. When it comes to which photos are generated by the Time Machine, choose between your family or everyone. You also have the option to turn on or off the vibration that occurs with each shake.

Figure 1: Use one simple shake to retrieve uploaded memories from the past



Figure 2: Old photos are generated with every shake



Figure 3: In Options, choose which photos are generated and turn on or off vibration


  • Collections: Collections are like photo albums where you can save related photos, videos and status updates. Create custom albums to suit your own specific requirements. 23snaps creates default Collections of Firsts, Favorites, Best Smiles, and Holidays to give inspiration. There is no limit to the amount of Collections you can have and you can add content to multiple Collections at a time. These Collections can be shared with anyone- even people that you aren’t connected with on 23snaps by sharing them through email so others can view them online with a unique link.


notabli homepage

Notabli is an app that makes it easier for parents to share and save the best moments of their kids’ childhood and optionally print them automatically into photo books.

Notabli was founded in 2012 and id based in Burlington, Vermont. On February 17, 2015, Notabli was acquired by Parent Co. for an undisclosed amount. Notabli is an ad-free, community-funded app that collects donations. The app is free to download on all devices, although an automatic Photo Book subscription is offered on iOS, Android, and Web. There are currently 18 iOS reviews with a 4.4 star rating average and 98 Android reviews with a 4.3 star rating average.

Overview of functionality:

  • Save photos and more: Upload photos, videos, audio, and notes for your kids. Select a date and location for each post. Choose to mark the moment as a milestone for the child.
  • Selectively lock individual moments: When uploading a new moment, choose to lock it so it’s only visible to you and other admins.
  • Invite friends and family: Add friends or family through an email, text, or unique request link. People you’ve invited can view your kids’ moments and “heart” them or leave comments.
  • Endless storage: Save all your photos and videos in full-resolution and choose to save or export them anytime.
  • Book Subscription: Enable automatic printing to receive a premium, hardcover book every 50 photos.

What’s unique about Notabli:

  • Book Subscription: Create a book and specify the kids, title, and color of the book. Enable automatic printing or choose to print books at your own pace. Every 50 photos, a book will ship or become ready to ship. These books are 8” x 8” Hardcover Books with colorful, spill-resistant covers. They are created with Mohawk Eggshell paper and printed in the USA. The books cost $39 per book, and shipping is free for Subscriptions. Notabli Books is currently not available on the app but they can be managed on the Web version.

Moment Garden

moment garden homepage

Moment Garden is an app that allows parents to privately share, organize and relive special photos and moments of their kids and share them with friends and family.

Moment Garden was founded in 2010 and is based in Rochester, Minnesota. Since the company was founded, they’ve had over 100,000 users. The app is free to download on all devices, although a Premium subscription is offered. It’s available on iOS, Android, and Web. There are currently 19 iOS reviews with a 4.6 star rating average and 1,165 Android reviews with a 4.6 star rating average.

Overview of functionality:

  • Organize and save stories, photos and videos: Privately share and save moments easily with unlimited storage. Your data is safe and securely backed up to the cloud.
  • Invite friends and family: Add other people to view or contribute to your Moment Garden. They can have varying Roles (admin, contributor, comment and love, or love only) and Digest Frequencies (immediately, daily digest, weekly digest, or no digest).
  • Moment Memories: Get emails reminding you of moments that happened in the past to easily relive memories.
  • Order books and prints: Create Moment Books, a printed photo book, out of your Moment Garden. You can also create prints, cards, framed pictures, magnets, mugs and more. With yearly Star subscription, all Moment Book orders automatically receive 15% off.
  • Premium Pricing: The Moment Garden Star upgrade is available for $4.99/month or $49.99/year. Upgrade to a Moment Garden Star for access to Montage Moments (uploading up to 4 photos in a single moment as an automatically created collage image), longer and clearer high-definition videos, hidden moments, and Moment Book discounts.

What’s unique about Moment Garden: 

  • Varying Roles and Digest Frequencies: Control each member’s access to your garden by assigning a role to them. Someone assigned as a garden’s Admin has full access to add moments, manage moments, and manage members of the garden. A garden Contributor can add moments to the garden, add comments and love moments. A garden Commenter can love and comment on moments. A garden Lover can only interact with moments through loves. By default, all new garden members are assigned the role of Commenter but this access can be changed by a garden Admin.
  • When you add a member to your garden, you can also choose how often they receive a digest email (or not at all). Choose between No Digest, Weekly Digest, Daily Digest, and Immediately. Daily digest is recommended for most friends and family since they’ll only get an email at most once per day, and only if new moments were added in the past day. Immediately is recommended for other Admin.

Figure 1: When adding a new member to your Garden, change their Role and Digest Frequency.


lifecake homepage

Lifecake is an app that allows parents to share photos and videos to create a simple and organized record of their kids’ childhood.

Lifecake was founded in 2012 and is based in London, England. Lifecake was acquired by Canon Europe on April 23, 2015 for an undisclosed amount. The app is free to download on all devices, although a Premium subscription is offered. The app is available on iOS, Android and Web. There are currently 12K+ iOS reviews with a 4.8 star rating average and 21K+ Android reviews with a 4.6 star rating average.

Overview of functionality:

  • Organize memories in a visual timeline: View memories on your timeline by choosing to view all memories or select memories for a specific child. You can also favorite photos and choose to only view favorites.
  • Invite friends and family: Invite others to view your timeline through email or contacts. Others can then view, favorite, and comment on posts in your timeline.
  • Create photo books and more: Make high-quality books starting at $37.99 for 24 pages and $0.80 per addition page, plus shipping. They’re created with 2,400 dpi print resolution. You can also print memories on photo packs, phone cases, posters, fridge magnets, tote bags, and more.
  • Premium Pricing: The VIP Subscription is available for $4.99/month or receive a 40% discount with an annual VIP Subscription for $35.99/year. The VIP Subscription removes the 10GB storage cap and allows for unlimited amounts of photos, videos, and stories in full quality and length.


Tweekaboo homepage

Tweekaboo was founded in 2010, and is based in Cork, Ireland. It is an app that allows families to timeline their pregnancy, baby and family moments and share them privately with friends and family.

The app is free to download on iOS and Android, and its usage is completely free while in its beta phase. Once they complete their test phase, the app will become freemium. The basic services will still be free, but certain additional services and features will be subscription-based. There are currently 40 iOS ratings with a 4.3 star rating average and 77 Android ratings with a 3.7 star rating average.

Overview of functionality:

    • Create a pregnancy journal: Add ultrasound scans, photos of your bump, and add small notes to document your pregnancy.
    • Import and save photos: You can import photos from your camera roll, Dropbox, Facebook and Instagram. This allows the app to function as storage for pictures as well.
    • Journal on the go: Import or take a photo, add a short caption, and upload it instantly to your journal.
    • Create albums: Create different albums to store and sort your special moments so you can easily find them later.
    • Personalized journal for each child: Create special journals for each child or add them to “Moments” that you can search for later on.
    • Share with friends and family, or keep private: You can select whether you want to keep your moment or post private, or to share with family, friends and/or Facebook. The choice is up to you.
    • Create a timeline: You can add dates to your moments so that you can keep track of all your firsts, milestones, holidays and more.
    • Community: You can view the journals or moments your friends’ choose to share by going to your feed.

What’s unique about Tweekaboo

  • Privacy Controls: This allows you to have complete control over who can see what you post. You can allow a select group of friends and family to view your journals, or you can have it set to private. Even if you want to keep more private overall, you can still share select memories or pictures on Facebook or Twitter. People who you allow to view your post can add comments to your pictures. You can also adjust the privacy of your moment even after it has been posted.

Figure 1: Choose who can view your moment.


  • Add your children: You can add a profile for each child (or baby bump) to help sort your memories into a diary for each child to look at. You simply tap the + button, and you can organize your photos as you journal.



Figure 2: Create a profile for each child so that you can catalog moments for them individually.


  • Order a book: With this feature, you can turn your digital journal into a physical book. Design it on the app, then order online to get your memories delivered to your door. Pricing for this book begins at $33.58 (£25.95) for a 24-page hardcover book. Every page after that it is an additional £0.50.

Figure 3: Creating your Tweekabook can be done from your phone and you can preview what your book will look like.



HelloBaby homepage

HelloBaby is an app that allows you to create a virtual baby album / scrapbook with photos, videos and stickers.

It was founded in 2014 and is based in Menlo Park, California. The app was selected as Apple’s Best of 2015, and was featured as the best family app several times. The app is free and has no advertisements.

The app is available via iOS and Android. There are currently 189 iOS reviews with a 4.5 star rating average, and 174 Android reviews with a 3.9 star rating average.

Overview of functionality:

  • Virtual scrapbooking: This allows you to create events and upload pictures to catalog into your digital scrapbook. You can document all sorts of memories, from holidays, to milestones to all the firsts you can think of.
  • Invite friends and family: With personalized links, you can share your child’s milestones and stories with family and friends.
  • Decorate with stickers: Parents can select from 500 different stickers to decorate their pictures with. You can edit the stickers even after you publish your snapshot.
  • Print out an album of your story: If you want to convert your digital scrapbook into a physical one, you can order it online. You need to have at least 10 events, and you can choose between making your album from a story or a moment. Albums start at $30.
  • Generate videos: If you choose to capture a video instead of a photo, you can catalog memories with clips as well.
  • Measurements: Parents can create graphs of their baby’s height and weight. This serves both as scrapbooking memorabilia and also a helpful tool to keep track of your child’s health.

What’s unique about HelloBaby:

  • Access a community of users: You can browse other parents’ content and join the HelloBaby community of users. There are a wide variety of users, including celebrities, top baby experts, top moms and dads. View other users’ stories and read about some of their best parenting tips and tricks.

Figure 1: View what friends, celebrities and other brand are posting on their stories



Figure 2: Follow the parenting styles of top moms featured by HelloBaby to get some more ideas on how best to raise your own child.


Precious/Baby Art

precious app store

Precious/Baby Art is an app that allows parents to automatically track their baby’s milestones and development by organizing monthly pictures, a time lapse, and calendar journal with the use of artificial intelligence.

Precious was founded  in 2016 and is based in San Francisco, California. In 16 months, the app acquired 54,000 paying users. The app is free to download on iOS, although subscription is required to utilize the app after a free 7-day trial period. The app is only available on iOS. There are currently 18.4K+ iOS reviews with a 4.7 star rating.

Overview of functionality:

  • Organize memories in a Photo Calendar: Save and view memories easily with an organized photo calendar.
  • Automatic Albums: Allow the app to find and organize baby photos for you and automatically organize them into albums.
  • Create Time Lapse Videos: Playback moments and watch automatically created videos of your children grow.
  • Order prints and more: Shop for unique products like phone cases and magnets.
  • Pricing: The app is free to download and everyone is welcome to a free 7-day trial period of the in-app purchase. From there, a Baby Art Unlimited subscription is required to continue using the app and gain unlimited access to the app’s premium content and features. The subscription is available for $4.99/month or $39.99/year.

What’s unique about Precious:

  • Use of Artificial Intelligence: The app relies on facial detection to identify photos of kids and determines if photos are noisy, blurry or poorly lit to find the best pictures. For families with more than one child, Precious also considers heuristics like age and gender to differentiate between siblings. Once it decides which photos to use, the app automatically creates photo collages and albums each day.
  • One of their features using AI is an automatic time lapse creator that automatically finds and aligns photos of your child’s face so you can watch them grow up in a short video. It goes through and sorts through and organizes all your photos to build a time lapse.


  • Keepy: This app is best for storing kids’ artwork and having one central calendar and feed to manage and share their kids’ artwork as they grow older. Parents can easily add friends and family as “fans” so they can view and receive updates of photos and artwork.
  • Air: This app is best for video sharing and storage. With unlimited storage of HD videos that can be shared with one simple link, this app is very useful in giving one central place for parents to record and store videos of their kids as they grow older.
  • Tinybeans: This app is best for recording milestones for kids. Parents can easily track a child’s growth and development through age appropriate developmental milestones that are already implemented in the app as well as add photos and videos associated with those milestones.
  • Precious: This app is best for organizing memories without personally investing a lot of time into it. With the use of AI, the app automatically creates photo collages and albums by choosing the best and most appropriate pictures of your children.
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